In every place where I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you.
Exodus 20:24

Inspired by a dream where the Lord was highlighting the Lord’s Prayer with the witness of Psalm 23 and John 17, we feel the Lord calling us back to the beauty and simplicity of taking communion and praying the Lord’s Prayer - as families, with friends, and in solitude, the Lord is calling us into union with Christ.

At the heart of this journey is the concept of the Prayer Altar—a space dedicated not just to prayer, but to deep communion with Jesus. Here, we engage in what we call "communing intercession," a profound practice that involves meditating and praying through the phrases of the Lord's Prayer. This approach is not about presenting a list of requests but about entering a dialogue with our Father, allowing each phrase of the Lord's Prayer to guide us deeper into God's presence.

The Prayer Altar is where we learn to listen as much as we speak, where prayer becomes an exchange of love and trust between us and Jesus. Through communing intercession, we seek not just to ask but to understand, to not merely petition but to be transformed in His presence.

We invite you to REGISTER and be part with us. When you register, we will send instructions and a prayer guide to get you started in this practice. We will be adding teachings here that relate to communion and prayer as we go forward and we welcome you to join us.


Who — You can create a Prayer Altar alone, or with your spouse, your family, friends, or church.

What — Set aside an hour a week to come before the Lord in intentional connection through communion and purposed intercession, modeled through The Lord’s Prayer.

Why — When asked by his disciples how to pray, Jesus gave a very simple teaching on how to set our heart before our Father, and how to interact with Him, as we pray phrase by phrase. We believe Jesus, our Great Intercessor, is highlighting His teaching once again as the model for effective prayer. Our goal is not rote prayer or decrees, rather we believe each phrase is an invitation to dialogue with the One who loves us best and most. Full of expectation, we come to present ourselves to the One who speaks and answers.

Where — You can create a Prayer Altar anywhere, but we suggest committing to a specific place, whether that’s in your home, office, or church.

How — When you register your Prayer Altar, we will send you a Prayer Guide to help you engage with communion and The Lord’s Prayer for intercession.


What is a Prayer Altar?


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"I was skeptical about introducing a Prayer Altar to my young children, wondering if the concept would be too abstract for their little minds. To my amazement, it has become a cherished part of our routine. Seeing their innocent engagement with communion has opened my eyes to the pure heart of worship. Praying the Lord's Prayer together, in simple words they understand, has sparked meaningful conversations about Jesus and His love for us. This experience has not only deepened my faith but has laid a spiritual foundation for my children that I pray will guide them throughout their lives. It's been an unexpectedly beautiful journey of discovery and connection."
- Jessica H.

"You would think praying together as a Christian married couple in a Christ focused home would be a common practice. I don't think it is. It should be. We have seen breakthroughs for our family and in business matters in just the short time since our Prayer Altar was formed. Praying together as intercessors for our family and community has helped us to become more "like-minded." Being like-minded binds us together in purpose and we desperately need that in our homes and marriages.  It has also been a blessing to us to introduce communion and the Lord's Prayer to Christian friends when we have hosted a dinner in our home. "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matt 18:20)  I want to encourage you dear friends, form a Prayer Altar and watch and see what the Lord will do."
- Patty B.

"Leading a Prayer Altar with my coworkers started as a small step of faith but turned into a profound spiritual journey for us. Taking communion has shifted from a religious act to a deeply personal experience of grace. Delving into the Lord's Prayer together has opened our eyes to the depth of Jesus's teachings. This practice has truly changed how we support and interact with each other."
- Marcus W.

"My Prayer Altar experience with a small group of friends has been life-altering. It's a space where we've grown in vulnerability and trust, especially as we explore communion as an intimate invitation from Jesus. Unpacking the Lord's Prayer phrase by phrase has enriched our prayer life in ways I couldn't have imagined. It's been transformative."
- Elena R.

"Creating a Prayer Altar alone was my quiet rebellion against the noise of life. It became a sanctuary where communion isn't just ritual but a profound encounter with Christ. Praying the Lord's Prayer has become a journey through Jesus's heart, reshaping my days and priorities. This practice has been a life-changing dialogue with God."
- David K.

"Introducing a Prayer Altar to my group of college friends has revolutionized our collective spiritual walk. Communion has become a tangible reminder of our unity and shared faith. Diving deep into the Lord's Prayer together has provided us with a solid foundation to weather the challenges of life. It's been an incredible journey of transformation and growth."
- Tanya P.





What commitment is required to be part of Prayer Altars?
Answer: Engaging with Prayer Altars is designed to be flexible to fit into your life. Whether you have a few minutes a day or an hour a week, you can tailor your involvement to match your schedule. There's no strict commitment required; just bring your willingness to grow spiritually. 

What do the teachings at Prayer Altars entail?
Answer: Our teachings are centered around deepening your prayer life, understanding and experiencing communion in a transformative way, and learning to truly abide in Christ. The teachings are a mix of scripture-based instruction, personal reflection, and practical application to daily life.

How can I benefit from participating in Prayer Altars?
Answer: Participants often report a deeper sense of connection with God, a more vibrant prayer life, and a stronger sense of community with fellow believers. Engaging with our teachings can lead to personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and a renewed passion for your faith.

Can I participate in Prayer Altars alone, or do I need a group?
Answer: Prayer Altars can be a solo journey or a shared experience with a group. Whether you're looking to deepen your individual practice or seeking to grow with friends, family, or co-workers, Prayer Altars offers resources and support for both personal and communal paths.

What if I'm new to this type of spiritual practice?
Answer: Prayer Altars is designed to welcome individuals at any point in their spiritual journey, from seasoned believers to those just beginning to explore their faith. Our resources are crafted to be accessible, providing clear guidance every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)